Who we are

Since 2016 the team of HEBITO GmbH & Co. KG has been specializing on the development of marine system solutions. Our strengths lies in the anlaysis, conception, development and implementation of complex applications. We combine desktop and mobile solutions plattform-independently with those communication technologies used by you and implement an intelligent integration into the existing IT-infrastructure. We offer easy-to-handle and manageable solutions covering the entire processing chain.

Our solutions reorganize and optimize your work processes and capture data where they actually come up. For this purpose any information is available either online or offline and is synchronized by an intelligent data conflict management according to your specifications, which makes you independent from satellite network operators and their cost structures.

We create web and client server based applications for Microsoft operating system environments and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure. Here we rely primarily on the combination of C #, XAML, .Net and MS SQL Server.

Since many years we have been specializing in the area across platforms on native apps with flexible cloud-services and extensive IoT (Internet of Things, Web 4.0)-connectivity ; Intelligent and after strict principles of quality assurance. SCMP is first choice for ultra-fast Enterprise Strong Development TM. Beside our own product series – SCMP – maritime software, we have created applications for domestic IT-companies as well as for international trading companies, hereby always remaining true to our principle:

Right out of the practice for the practice and directly from human-to-human.

Our philosophy

Developing special skills instead of being tied up.
Finally being creative again instead of following rigid processes! No wonder that developers and analysts love this approach. In our nimble environment we are aware of the importance of a well compiled team – In the “old IT-world” this sometimes seems to be forgotten in between countless details and virtual teams. Our customers are happy and benefit from our philosophy as the solution of their problems is our target and is the most important for us. Our way of working depends on the possibilities and capabilities of our employees and what we do is jointly developed. For us it is important to pay attention to human components. Motivate for success – this is our goal.

Our vision

The dynamic IT is known to be characterized as high agility and flexibility, high innovation potentials and very rapid time-to-market. Static IT environments have the following characters: stability, status quo and long-term planning are essential components for the technological implementation of an individual data secure system solution strategy. Based on this hybrid technology we offer intelligent links between software solutions in infrastructures, platforms and services.

Birger Runge

Captain | Senior Consultant

Birger commences 1980 with his carrier in shipping as able Seaman. At the Maritime University Hamburg he graduated as Master. During his pratice he is attended by Reederei Claus Peter Offen KG.
During his first Practice as responsible deck officer he meet the world wide container service with shipping company Jonny Wesch KG. Experience as coordinator ships electronic, superintendent and head of technical department and various ISM / ISPS / QM courses at the Germanischer Lloyd completed his profile. During his employment at Vega Reederei and the time under his own flag Rudolph und Runge Bereederg. he commence with SCMP Software to establish a new, safe and efficient working structure.

„To provide software, which is easy to use, has a high degree of flexibility and agility, to understand the requirements of the daily business and to meet the high speed, that is what I see in SCMP as living software.“

Heike Wenk-Döge

CEO | Sales & Marketing

Heike Wenk-Döge started in 1987 with Apple computers, at that time in the medical sector. She started her first business with the main ideas – Rescue – Clear – Retrieve – Protect. As pioneers her team developed first mobile solutions for MAC – and Windows-based systems for fire brigade, rescue services and civil protection. The team reached market leader position. In 2003 Steve Ballmer said in his speech at the Cebit Fair: “….this company has implemented the idea of Mobile Computing in exactly the way we had imagined it”. Today Tech2go can do without Heike Wenk-Döge and “walk alone” – and pursue other fields.

„I am just a person full of innovation with a lot of creativity. I’m just having fun in finding solutions. HEBITO is my new challenge for the conversion of software solutions which fascinates and inspires and which is no obstacle in everyday life.“