Ship Certificate Management Program

modern – flexible – easy to use

The Ship Certificate Management Program (SCMP) involved the complete chain of processes of the fleet management and overview. Providing of individual documents and certificates, assignment of employees, compliances with SOLAS and MARPOL, technical documentation, statists & quality management, permanent legal security of the history for the superintendent and the technical confidence supported by sustainable validity check to be part of it.

The new release of SCMP contains - by implementation of a modern and graphical drag & drop user interface – to generate an individual tree structure at your own convenience and thus it is very user friendly and intuitive.

SCMP basic & data base: the heart of any system.
Here the central storage of all data including it’s history is arranged.

In SCMP all data may be reworked and evaluated in centralized or de-centralized mode. Documents may be pre viewed and printed with the integrated viewer. SCMP means cost cutting by minimized administration and optimized information. SCMP protect and improves the quality of the repair and maintenance controlling and technical quality management of each ship. By digital archiving and it’s management, mistakes will be avoided already at the data input. Maintenance operations will be accelerated and the quantity investigations will be minimized.

Our system obtained the DNV-GL Type Approval for ships
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Type Approved Product

The Vessel Client is the central component for all requirements and demands on board of the ships. The Vessel Client communicates direct with the main SCMP Client in the office. Consequently all relevant data and history will be transfered from and to the ship and will be accessible for further review and necessary attendance.


SCMP Module

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Standby Items and Tasks

Overview of projects to be planned for dry dock, port or scheduled class surveys

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ISM Report

Produce, implement and monitors the ISM deficiency and improvement management

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Timely and recurring information for a single person or a group with SCMP. Your digital blackboard

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Our carrier pigeon: pinpoint circulars at all employees and the ships with requested read confirmation

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Crew & Time

Administration of all seafarers, their certificates, rest times according MLC 2006 and passport phots available for ISPS photo ID’s

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Mobile Client

Working mobile with SCMP also out of the office while travelling or during dry docking while attendance

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    SCMP Catalogue

  • Supporting the initial SCMP set up
  • Blank forms and list
  • Pre defined surveillance items
  • Pre defined operating instructions
  • Flexible, modifiable and supplement able
  • Expanded within 6 years of experience
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    Personal Qualities

  • Delphi technology
  • Safe against external attacks
  • Protected against bugs
  • Object-oriented software architecture
  • Optimally designed to comply with windows
  • Fast & safe extensible
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    In Progress

  • Web App
  • Claim Management
  • Voyage Reports
  • Woocommerce Plugin
  • SCMP Command Office
  • Satellite Training