Simply more service & support

We are not selling any ready-made software. HEBITO will guide you from the first assessment till the final implementation and if you require, continuous with all necessary software adaption and training arrangements.

All from one source – the ideal solution

We offer our customer also this services: Professional consultancy for the required integration into the existing infrastructure. We guide you with a selection of professional hardware for the mobile client. We are chasing your targets according the SMART principle:

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Achievable
R = Realistic
T = Time framed

HEBITO_Direct_ASSIST: With one click, we sit right next to you!


  • Assessment
  • Project planning
  • Migration Phase
  • Implementing & Acceptance


  • Individual Adaption
  • Uni- or bi-directional interface to IoT
  • White labeling
  • Scalability


  • First & second level support
  • Software maintenance
  • Uniform service process
  • Flexible response time scheme

Train the Trainer

Branch conform training model

Even if the software is quiet intuitive: save operating requires a professional training . To comply with this demand for a highly mobile shipping industry we are chasing the train the trainer model.

Our captain Birger Runge and his team will qualify your staff to train your employees and seafarers with the save operation of SCMP. This can be arranged in our training facility, at your headquarter or even on board of your ships. This will ensure a time and cost efficient training of all involved employees ashore and off shore.